2022 Class Rules published

World Sailing has just published the latest rules on their new website. This much awaited new website is still very much a work in progress but will hopefully improve over the coming months.

The latest rules can be found here

The recent class rule changes can be found here.


World Sailing has also decided to no longer publish the archives of the Class Rules and Class Rule changes on the new site and will only publish the current and most recent editions. OKDIA has been told that these documents will be available upon request, however OKDIA has decided to upload the whole archive to the technical website so that they are available to everyone.

They can all be found here: http://rules.okdinghy.org/class-rules-archive

2020 Edition of the OK Dinghy Class Rules

2020 Edition of the OK Dinghy Class Rules

Following the email vote at the end of 2019, the 2020 edition of the Class Rules has been published and is now available on the World Sailing website.

The rules can be downloaded here and came into effect from 11th May 2020.


The amendments are listed here:


New Class rules in effect from 1st June 2017

After a long time and very hard work, the Class Rules are now re-written in accordance with the ERS (Equipment Rules of Sailing) which should clear up a lot of grey areas in the Class Rules while keeping the spirit and basic measurements of the boats the same.

You can view and download the Class Rules from the World Sailing website.

The new Class Rules should always be downloaded from the World Sailing website, as that are the ones in effect at the time.


Update to new rules

The final process in completing the SCR conversion for the Class Rules is taking a little longer than expected. Since the decisions at the AGM there have been many other modifications and changes. These are mainly rewording and reformatting. Some new rules have been introduced but the majority of the rules will have retained their original meaning.

Last week in Barcelona representatives of the OKDIA met with World Sailing technical staff to talk through the few remaining issues. Most have been solved and will be incorporated into the latest draft.

The plan is still to have these new rules come into effect in the new year.

New Class Rules

The 2016 OKDIA AGM will vote on the adoption of a new set of Class Rules.

The attached draft of the new class rules is only a conversion from the current rules to the WS standard format. It should not have any different meanings or allow for different measurements from the current rules other than those necessary to get them into the standard format. Where the new rules differ from the current, they will be presented as proposals to be voted on at the AGM.

If you should find something which could have a different meaning or measurement than the old rules, and that is not mentioned in the proposals, please let the TC Chairman know about the difference, stating both the old and new rule.

If any questions are asked then the answers will appear in the Q and A section. Any comments will appear in this section as news updates.

The draft of the new Class Rules can be found here.

New Class Rules 2017

The notes and proposals arising from the new Class Rules can be found here.

Notes and proposals on the New Class Rules