New Class Rules

The 2016 OKDIA AGM will vote on the adoption of a new set of Class Rules.

The attached draft of the new class rules is only a conversion from the current rules to the WS standard format. It should not have any different meanings or allow for different measurements from the current rules other than those necessary to get them into the standard format. Where the new rules differ from the current, they will be presented as proposals to be voted on at the AGM.

If you should find something which could have a different meaning or measurement than the old rules, and that is not mentioned in the proposals, please let the TC Chairman know about the difference, stating both the old and new rule.

If any questions are asked then the answers will appear in the Q and A section. Any comments will appear in this section as news updates.

The draft of the new Class Rules can be found here.

New Class Rules 2017

The notes and proposals arising from the new Class Rules can be found here.

Notes and proposals on the New Class Rules